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The Jason Tay Racing Blog – SingaporeKarts Sprint Series 2018 Round 2

From the blog of Jason Tay, written by Jason Tay. Never driven this circuit for a long while and had to rely on experiences 5 years ago to get back on pace with the rest. No practice session meant I had to get up to speed quickly in qualifying. The kart I choose had old tyres but still drove like a dream. She caught my eye without any reason and I just walked up to her and said “this kart” when choosing karts. She liked me to get her tail out slightly sideways in corner entry on this low grip track and she gripped on corner exits with correct timing on the throttle. And we basically just danced to pole position (1st place in qualifying) by over half a second. I miss her so much as I type this. The feeling of being one with a machine is just something out of this world. The plan...

Driver Feature: Interview with Denis Lian

In this special edition of Driver Feature, we interview our very own homegrown former professional race driver, Denis Lian. SK: How did you begin your racing career? 你是如何开始你的赛车生涯的? DL:When I was 9yrs old, I visited a family Friend in the US, who happen to live next to a fun kart facility. I was always attracted to Motorsports even at that young age. I therefore wanted to drive a kart very badly, but when I went to the facility, the crew said I was too short to safely reach the pedals so I wasn’t allowed to drive. I wasn’t put off by their decision, not one bit. In fact, I was already devising an idea to get myself in the Drivers seat. The moment I got back to my room, I immediately began stuffing tissue paper into my shoes to make myself taller so that I could meet the minimum height requi...

8 hours International Philippine Endurance Challenge SG Team Interview

From 3 hours Grassroots FunKart Endurance Racing to 8 hours International Philippine Endurance Challenge: 从3小时的基层FunKart耐力赛到8小时国际菲律宾耐力挑战赛: 2 SingaporeKarts grassroot fun Karters joined 3 veteran drivers to compete in the 8 hours International Philippine Endurance Challenge on 3rd December 2017. This is the first time Jonathan Lim (SGP) and Ray Tong (SGP) have taken part in a international car racing event. After the race, SingaporeKarts interviewed both of them on their unforgettable experience. 两位SingaporeKarts基层卡丁车手加入3名资深赛车手,于2017年12月3日举行的8小时国际菲律宾耐力挑战赛中比赛。这是Jonathan Lim和Ray Tong首次参加国际赛车比赛。比赛结束后,SingaporeKarts采访了他们两人的难忘经历。 SK: How did you feel before getting into the fully prepared race car? 在进入准备好的赛车之前,你有什么感觉? JL & RT:It was very nervous moment when we first got into the car during t...

Driver Feature: Interview with Hee Wei Seng

In this special edition of Driver Feature, we interview the popular YouTube celebrity and one of our guest participants, Hee Wei Seng! SK: When did you start Gymkhana & Go-Karting, and what are the differences between the two? 你什么时候开始Gymkhana和Go Karting?这两者有什么不同? WS:I started racing in Gymkhana on 12 August last year. My first Go-Kart race was on 14 May where I raced in the SingaporeKarts 3 hours Enduro Challenge. 我去年才開始接觸Gymkhana,第一次比賽金卡納是在去年的8月12日。Gokart比賽則是在今年5月14日,參加singaportkarts舉辦的3小時耐力賽。 SK: How do you feel about the SIngaporeKarts Enduro Challenge after having raced with us in Round 3? 在第三轮比赛结束后,你对SingaporeKarts Enduro Challenge 感觉如何? WS:SingaporeKarts Enduro Challenge is a test of teamwork and someone to lead the team. Team leaders must be responsible for making the appropriat...

Driver Feature: Interview with Samanda Lee

For this round of our drivers feature, we interview the boss of Malaysia’s Car Born Cafe, Samanda Lee. SK: How did you start Karting and why did you choose this sport? 你是如何开始卡丁车的,你为什么选择这项运动? SL:In the beginning, I was just looking to have some fun, until I met my coach, Mun Keat. I started Karting in February this year. 一开始,我只是想有找一些乐趣,直到我见到我的教练,Mun Keat。我今年二月份开始玩卡丁车。 SK: What other hobbies do you do apart from Karting when you are not running your cafe? 當你没有在你的咖啡厅,还有什么其他的兴趣除了卡丁车吗? SL:Outside of Karting and work, I like to meet up with my friends for tea and chill out. I also like to play badminton. 在卡丁车以外的工作,我喜欢和朋友见面,喝茶,冷静下来。我也喜欢打羽毛球。 SK: A lot of people think that racing is a rough sport and not meant for girls. Are you parents supportive or against you racing karts? 很多人认为赛车是粗暴的运动,而...

Interview with Syamsul Razmin – Founder of Initial Karting Competizione (IKC)

Straight off the back of our new partnership with fellow race series organiser, Syamsul Razmin, we decided to find out more about the man himself as well as his thoughts on the IKC and amateur karting. SK: IKC is into it’s 6th edition this year. Could you share what made you start this race series? SR:I started IKC along with two other friends, Zul and Toge. The idea was to have fun and competitive races among friends. There was a short brainstorming session among us on the format, branding and direction of IKC. It is quite fun when we have the opportunity come up with the branding, give-away tshirts or goodies, food and cool trophies to all the racers. As for the racing itself, we try to make it competitive and fair to all drivers. We can proudly say, IKC has built a unique communit...

Driver Feature: Interview with Benjamin Oh

From Singapore, representing NTU Motoring Club, we interview Benjamin Oh. SK: How long have you been Karting? (你玩卡丁车多久了?) BO:I have been Karting since 2010. (自2010年以来我一直在卡丁车.) SK: What made you participate in the SingaporeKarts Enduro Race? (什么让你参加SingaporeKarts Enduro Race?) BO:Been asked by my NTU motoring club mate to participate 😊 (被我们的NTU汽车俱乐部会员要求参加😊) SK: Beside Karting, what other motoring related activities are you involved in? (除了卡丁车,您还参与什么其他与汽车有关的活动?) BO:Whenever possible some drifting and Virtual Racing ( iRacing and etc). (只要有可能,一些漂移和虚拟赛车, iRacing & etc.) SK: We understand that you are from NTU motoring club, can you tell us more about this club? (我们知道你来自NTU汽车俱乐部,你能告诉我们更多关于这个俱乐部吗?) BO:Firstly I would like to ask current and ex NTU students to join NTU MOTORING CLUB. NMC memb...

Driver Feature: Interview with Tham Mun Keat

Hailing for Johor Bahru, we interview multiple go-kart winner and driving coach, Tham Mun Keat. SK: When did you start karting? 你什么时候开始玩卡丁车? MK:我是在 2001 年 开始接触 GOKART 的,但是是在 2005 才有勇气参加 GOKART 比赛。⛽️™ (I first drove a kart in 2001 but it was only in 2005 did I have the courage to compete in races) SK: How did you feel about round 1 of the SingaporeKarts 3 hour Enduro Series? 你对Round1的比赛有什么感觉? MK:经过了 Round 1 的耐力赛,我觉得这个真的是一个很好的机会 让我们柔佛的子民接触到正式与合格的赛事!这是一种很好的赛车教育传播方式,也能够了解到 什么是团队精神!增加车手们的凝聚力 ♥️™ (After experiencing round 1, I feel that this is a very good opportunity for our Johor residents to experience a proper and recognised race. This is a very good way to introduce racing to the public, and help them to understand the meaning of teamwork. Creating unity among the drivers.) SK: As a driving...

Driver Feature: Interview with Alan Kwek of KF1 Karting Circuit

KF1 karting circuit: The first CIK approved international karting circuit in Singapore. We are glad to have the chance to interview both kart driver and the managing director of KF1 circuit, Mr Alan Kwek. About KF1: 960m long, clock-wise and anti clock-wise, 8-10m wide, 18 corners Location: 1 Turf Club Ave, Singapore 738078 SK: When did you start karting and what kind of karts did you start off with?  AK: I started out in 2011, when KF1 was founded, with rental karts, then race karts on Rok engines. First chassis was a Tony Kart. SK: As you are managing a karting track (KF1), what are the challenges that you have faced over the past few years? AK: Gathering and maintaining the interest in karting is a challenge with cost being one of the barriers to entry into Motorsports. SK: What is your...

Driver Feature: Interview with Jonathan Lim of Team Sofa King Slow

Following his team’s victory in round 2 of the Singapore Karts Enduro Championship, where they also sealed the overall championship title, we caught up with NUS Motoring Club President, Jonathan Lim of Team Sofa King Slow, to find out his views on the local karting scene! SK: We understand that you started Karting and motorsports in community karting events. Could you tell us when you started and what are your thoughts on community karting events in Singapore? JL: This was way back in 2007, with a now defunct local grassroots karting forum called The Karting Edge, where I took part in a couple of races with them at the Plentong circuit in Johor. Soon after I joined, most of the members transferred to a new site called, and organized a race series at the just-open...

Driver’s Account – Eunos Racing Team at the Sepang 1000km Endurance Race 2016

People who love karting usually have a thing for cars as well. So although we are called Singapore Karts, our general aim is to grow grassroots motorsports in Singapore. So when our members do take part in car races, we would like to do our part to highlight their general motorsports activities, especially when it involves racing in the Sepang 1000km Endurance Race, aka, S1K. Here is Tony Chooi’s account of Eunos Racing Team at the Sepang 1000km Endurance Race 2016: Sepang 1000km Endurance Race 2016 – Car #33 – Proton Satria Neo It was 1am on 4th September 2016 and we just got back into the hotel room. It’s been a great day as we finally fulfilled our wish of successfully completing a regional level car race. Its been a long week – We have been at Sepang Circu...

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